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Selecting a professional security guard company is no easy task. It requires careful consideration to ensure the safety of your establishment and everyone within it. While many companies can provide adequate security, finding one that aligns closely with your needs and goals is crucial.

To find the right match, thorough research, interviews, and collecting client feedback are necessary. Although it may be time-consuming, the effort is well worth it. Taking shortcuts is not advisable when it comes to protecting your business.

Here are some crucial insights from our security experts at Alpha Group Services. These valuable tips will assist you in selecting the most suitable security company near you for your business or private property.

Choosing a Local Professional Security Guard Company: 10 Compelling Reasons
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Check the work history

When evaluating the reliability of a company, it is crucial to consider its proven track record of security success in your area of concern. Your primary goal should be to find a company with a robust work history. This information can be easily obtained from sources such as your local law enforcement office.

The ideal security company is the one that possesses the necessary experience, well-trained employees, and unwavering dedication to offer the high-level protection that your property requires.

Know your requirements

When considering hiring a security company, it is crucial to understand their purpose and the range of services they offer. Security companies often specialize in specific fields, such as residential mobile patrols, securing large industrial properties, or managing security for sporting events.

To make an informed decision, it is beneficial to evaluate your specific needs and which security concerns you aim to address. Understanding your security requirements will help you determine the most suitable security firm that can meet your expectations.

Verify license

Before hiring a security company in New York or any other state anywhere, it is important to ensure that they are licensed and authorized by the state or local authority. Verify their accreditation and licensing, and also check the licensing of the security guards assigned to your case. It is also recommended to confirm that the company has appropriate insurance coverage to protect you and your property in case of any mishaps or claims.


It is important to provide comprehensive training to every guard before they begin their duty on your property. They should receive initial training to ensure proficiency in security basics, along with location-specific and specialized training. Ongoing training is also essential to keep their skills up-to-date, including emergency preparedness, terrorism response, and incident command.


Top-tier security companies excel at tailoring their services to meet your unique requirements. Whether you require a discreet and tactful guard or someone with a specific temperament for sensitive assignments, a specialized agency should be able to accommodate your needs.

Additionally, certain agencies may offer armed guards or remote guarding solutions that seamlessly complement on-site security personnel.

Professional guards

Security professionals can get experience from diverse backgrounds such as the military, law enforcement, and previous security positions. It is crucial to inquire about the company’s specific requirements for their guards, as well as their training and mentoring programs for new hires.

High success level

To ensure reliability within the community, gather references and conduct online research to investigate their reputation. Seek out articles that highlight their performance, and read testimonials and reviews. Additionally, take note of any awards, recognition, and community presence that serves as evidence of their trustworthiness.


It is important to note that generic security services offered by many companies may not be suitable for every business. Each business has unique characteristics, threats, and location-specific factors that require different approaches to security. To ensure that you are getting the most effective security strategy, it is crucial to work with a security company that customizes their services to meet your specific needs. This ensures that you get the best protection without wasting resources on ineffective measures.


Collaborating with a local security company is often a wise decision. They possess a deep understanding of local crime rates and can adjust their strategies accordingly.

By having more security guards in your area, they can efficiently fill in for staff absences and provide faster responses to alarm triggers.

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Key questions to ask

How much does the company charge?

While it’s important to consider factors beyond cost when selecting a security guard company, pricing is a significant aspect to take into account. Your budget will determine the type and level of security service suitable for your property.

When inquiring about costs, ask the company about their pricing structure, such as whether they charge a flat monthly rate, a uniform hourly rate for all guards, or varying hourly rates for different guards. Opting for hourly rates might be more cost-effective if you only require security on a part-time basis. Additionally, clarify if your business will be responsible for covering expenses related to uniforms, equipment, and supplies, or if the company will handle those costs.

Is security guards company latest technology?

It is advisable to request a formal proposal from each qualified candidate. Reputable security companies consistently provide formal proposals to potential clients, outlining the services they will offer and presenting a comprehensive breakdown of associated costs.

By leveraging technology to complement security strategies, companies can enhance their overall performance. Security companies that utilize security management software, mobile security apps, and a guard tour system tend to outperform those that have not embraced technology.

These technological resources enable more reliable and efficient patrols, promote team organization and connectivity, and provide valuable insights for current and future operations. Moreover, sharing data with clients allows the security manager to discuss what is effective and identify areas for improvement.

End words           

Investing in a security solution is a significant commitment, so we want to provide you with helpful tips to choose the company that best suits your needs. It is crucial to take steps to ensure that the company you collaborate with can offer top-notch service while aligning with your values.

We would be delighted to discuss our security services with you. Reach out to our team to request a free quote and let us work together to create a customized security plan tailored to your business’s requirements.