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Constantly stressing about safety can be emotionally and mentally draining. Ease your anxieties by getting in touch with Alpha Group Services LLC ASAP. Our security company in Staten Island & Upper East Side, NY will worry about your safety so you don’t have to. We have the skills and know-how needed to protect you from all kinds of problems. You can rest easy knowing that we have your back.

Call us today to schedule services with our security company in New York.

security guard company in new york - 285 South Ave UNIT G Staten Island NY 10303 United States
Security Guard Compay NY - 285 South Ave UNIT G Staten Island NY 10303 United States
Frank Obuobi
Frank Obuobi
April 15, 2024
Ulysses Vasquez
Ulysses Vasquez
April 10, 2024
Kunle Fatungase
Kunle Fatungase
October 17, 2023
Kenny Yeyo
Kenny Yeyo
October 17, 2023
Best security company in NEWyork and reliable and efficient
Basiru Siyanbola
Basiru Siyanbola
July 17, 2023
Alpha Group Services LLC is a very good Company to work with and their Staffs are treated nicely.
Ademola Rasaq
Ademola Rasaq
July 16, 2023
Staff well-trained
Melvin Torres
Melvin Torres
April 27, 2023
Good food

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Professional Security Company NY - 285 South Ave UNIT G Staten Island NY 10303 United States

3 Reasons To Hire Alpha
Group Services LLC

As one of the most trusted names in the Staten Island area, you can expect world-class protection. When you get our professional security services, you’ll appreciate that we:

Have over 31 years of experience

We have an experienced and reliable team

Maintain excellent communication

You are gonna be updated at all times

Will proactively identify threats

You will never have to worry

Professional Security Company | Staten Island & Upper East Side, NY | Alpha Group Services LLC

Security Guard Company NY

Why choose alpha

Thanks to our values, honest workforce and excellent communication, we are proud to provide the best security guard service

Always Alert

A mix of social media solutions and communication techniques helps us stay ahead of the curve and prevent any loss to property or people.

Timely Action

Alpha Group services takes pride in its preparedness for any danger and the subsequent swiftness with which our team responds to such threat.

New York security companies - 285 South Ave UNIT G Staten Island NY 10303 United States

Experienced Agents

The years of experience that our security team carries on its back is the key reason why our happy customers hire us.

Modern Security Solutions

Alpha has started the Covid-19 visitor/staff screening to help businesses comply with safety protocols and governmental regulations.

24/7 Support

Customer support is one of the key points of our successful operations as it helps us keep you informed round the clock about what we are doing.

Pro Security Firm NY - 285 South Ave UNIT G Staten Island NY 10303 United States

Learn more Alpha Group Services LLC

Alpha Group Services LLC is a licensed Watch Guard Patrol security company located in New York, U.S. Our services are spread across professional security guards, residential security, corporate security, event security, construction site security, Fire watch, Fireguard patrols, OSHA compliance, home watch, security patrol, property checks, key holding services, and alarm response services.

With over one century of experience among our team, we pride ourselves on being one of America’s most experienced security outfits. Our perfect blend of industry experience and adaptation of modern technology stands us in good stead to achieve our mission of preventing loss and protecting people and property.

We deliver security services with a smile – taking care of the customer’s needs before the customer even realizes it themselves. We offer what is precisely required on time, and in time, when needed, as needed.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to deliver security with the utmost courtesy, without sacrificing on functionality. It is made possible due to a tried and tested formula, forged from years of experience, and facing real-life situations. We believe in persistent and constant effort over employing force for the best results. Our mission is your peace of mind by keeping your resources safe and sound.

Our Values:

Protecting your loved ones and your property is a serious business. With over a century-long experience amongst our security professionals, you can rest assured that your property and personnel are in the safest hands. Our attention to detail is immaculate as we monitor our staff as well. With this constant monitoring, we can track them anytime and know of their whereabouts at all times. It results in a network that is capable of offering you the best security services possible. The perfect blend of technology and experience is at the helm at Alpha Group services for risk detection, immaculate monitoring, and swift response to any security threat you may face. These attributes make us one of the best security guard services NYC has to offer.

Our Mission:

For Prevention, Protection, and Reaction An excellent private security company not only offers protection against possible threats, but it also acts as a deterrent to criminals. Alpha provides top-notch security solutions with a blend of experience and modern apparatus to cater to all types of risks.

Alpha Group Vantage Point

Alpha Group Services and partners have garnered unbeatable years of experience in law enforcement and private security, thus ensuring when need be, we can cooperate with state and/or federal forces to mitigate security challenges.
In the words of Atlantic Apple Holdings, Alpha Group Services are “prompt, professional, and courteous in their operation.”
Rest assured, trusting us with your valuables is the safest decisions you will ever make. How Alpha Group operate:

Security company in Staten Island NY - 285 South Ave UNIT G Staten Island NY 10303 United States