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Frequently Asked Questions

ALPHA GROUP is a leading security services provider, dedicated to ensuring safety and peace of mind for a range of client needs.

ALPHA GROUP SECURITY offers its security services across the entire continental USA.

Certainly! ALPHA GROUP provides the following security services:

  • Event Security
  • Residential Security
  • Corporate Security
  • Access Control Systems Installations
  • Firewatch Guards

Yes, we do! Our Event Security service ensures that your event runs smoothly with the safety of attendees and staff as a top priority.

For homeowners and residential areas, we provide Residential Security services to ensure the safety of your property, belongings, and loved ones.

Absolutely! Our Access Control Systems Installations are designed to manage and control access to your corporate facilities, ensuring only authorized personnel can enter.

Firewatch Guards are specialized security personnel trained to watch over premises that are at risk of fire due to equipment malfunction, the absence of fire protection systems, or other hazards. They ensure immediate action in case of any fire-related emergencies.

You can contact our customer service team for inquiries, service requests, or to get a quote tailored to your specific needs.

Yes, we do provide bodyguard services to executives and other individuals. The services are sometimes venue-based or round-the-clock depending on the needs of the client/s. We also have a variation of these services that involves providing a chauffeur.

You may need a bodyguard if:

● You are a wealthy person/CEO of a large corporation and travel with huge cash
● You talk about politics
● You are living and working in risky areas
● You want to protect your home and family

Getting home security services can dramatically reduce the risk of property theft. A professional security officer will serve as an active deterrent to protect your family, handle unpleasant situations, and watch out for your property when you are out of town.

Event Security guards services are charged per hour based on the skill level and experience required for the particular event.

Security services are taxable in New York – it seems it took effect in New York in 1990 and has been in effect here since then.

Security services are taxable in New York – it seems it took effect in New York in 1990 and has been in effect here since then.

An emergency situation is a serious occurrence, and it causes danger to human life (health) and property. Some people start shouting and crying and running away.
Security guards stay alert and react to the emergency instantly and appropriately to reduce the impact. For instance, in the case of fire, security guards help people in panic, direct them to the closest emergency exit, and make sure that fire extinguishers stay safe from any damage.

Our customers all say we make them feel safe and secure because they get the sense that we really do care about their security and safety. Some say we are dependable, reliable, and professional.

Alpha Group Services specializes in Event security guards, Residential Security, Corporate Security, Construction site security, Fire watch, Fire guards, CCTV monitoring, Access control, security foot patrols, and vehicle patrols.

It depends on the size of your event. The general rule of thumb is to assign one guard per 100 people at your party to meet your needs. However, smaller events don’t necessarily mean hiring fewer security guards. For an event with 500 people, you will require a significant security presence like hiring 4 to 12 guards.

There’s no need to provide security guards per person unless you invite a political leader or a public figure. If your event is being held in a spacious environment with more chief guests and alcohol on the menu, you will need one guard per 50 people.

Sporting events require unbeatable security to ensure the safety of participants, spectators, and event officials. At stadiums and other sports events with above 500 people, there should be 8 to 12 trained security guards to control the crowd. And if the sporting event is greater than 1000 people, then 30 to 40 trained guards are considered ideal. The exact number depends on the size and complexity of the event.

One security guard is enough at a private event with 20 to 50 guests. If the venue is spacious with 100 to 200 guests spread across a large area, you should hire 4-10 guards.

For a regular school event with 200 to 300 guests, three guards are enough, and if the event has 500-800 guests, 5 to 10 guards can maintain the order while ensuring the crowd’s safety.

All Alpha Group Services security staff are trained and certified in compliance with all security guard training requirements for the state of service, as well as on-the-job training that is often specific to the site they work at. Special attention is paid to training security guards with the knowledge and skills that are tailored to the needs of the client and location.

Alpha Group Services monitor our guards through several methods as required by the particular client location. We use a combination of random physical visits, geolocating Apps, on-site systems, GPS Apps, and random site calls.

Alpha Group Services maintains higher than industry standards of field support and supervision for our security guards. We have a high rate of contract retention because of the level of support that we have always provided.

Yes, Alpha Group Services provides Fire guards, Fire watches, Fire Safety officers, and several other site safety positions as required by local laws or ordinance.

Yes, we do provide Doorman services to client needs and or specifications, through our corporate security and residential security departments.

It depends on how big the project is. Most construction sites have trained security guards to protect the site’s assets, prevent and mitigate emergencies, and keep the construction site supervised.

It depends on how big the project is. Most construction sites have trained security guards to protect the site’s assets, prevent and mitigate emergencies, and keep the construction site supervised.

Construction sites house various expensive equipment and tools that are vulnerable to theft. Hiring security guards is a good investment for ensuring that no unauthorized individual can enter the construction zones. Plus, they assist in the reduction of on-premise injuries. For example, if an individual gets injured on the site, security officers provide life-saving assistance to injured workers before first responders arrive.

We make use of CCTV surveillance monitoring systems, motion detection systems, remote viewing systems, geolocation Apps, and GPS Apps. As well as new developing technologies.

Their duties involve scanning all areas, ensuring pathways and exits remain unblocked, meticulously logging observations, strictly following the designated fire watch guidelines, and promptly notifying relevant authorities about any safety issues. They maintain constant communication with site supervisors and are always available for emergencies, especially when there’s no reliable fire alarm or sprinkler system. The number of guards for each location varies based on factors like property size and the duration of the alarm outage.

Yes, a fire watch checklist is essential for your building’s safety. While every fire watch guard is fully trained, each building is distinct. Therefore, a customized checklist for your property is crucial. This list should cover things such as – building layout, exit maintenance, occupant notification, log updates, emergency protocols, and key contact numbers.

Yes, a full log is kept. This will document all activities and potential hazards.

We recognize the unpredictable nature of fire hazards. That’s why we offer our fire watch services 24/7, ensuring that our clients have continuous protection no matter the hour. Our team is always on standby, ready to respond promptly to any emergency or need. We can assist you during the busy hours of the day, late at night, or over the weekend; you can count on us to safeguard your property and its occupants.

The number of guards required depends on many factors. Your locality, property’s size, existing hazards, and the nature of activities will all need to be considered. Talk to our team, and we can help determine the optimal number for your needs.