There are several compelling reasons why night security guards are essential. Property managers often understand that one of the most effective ways to lighten their workload and make their residents feel more comfortable is by hiring a security service. A dedicated guard or a team of guards can do wonders in ensuring the safety of your tenants, reducing crime, and protecting your property. If you reside in a residential complex, it is crucial to have a safe and secure environment. It is the responsibility of the landlord to prioritize the safety and well-being of their tenants. Employing an overnight security guard can provide numerous benefits.

Night Security Guards To Protect Your Property Or Business
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What Do Security Guards Do At Night?

Ensure the security of your site throughout the night
Many people choose to have night security guards to maintain the security and integrity of their premises or property during the night and into the morning. Night-time security guards can perform the following tasks as part of their role:
Lock and thoroughly check windows, doors, and access points: Your night security guards will ensure that all points of access are securely locked.

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Activate alarms when necessary: If you have an alarm system in place, your night guards can start it after your staff have left and business operations have ended for the day.

Set up security fences: This is mainly important for places like business parks or retail, and can involve automated or manual activation using keypads or ID card scanning.

Occupy a guardhouse or a designated area on your site: Your night security guards can monitor your site from a welfare facility or a guardhouse, often in conjunction with barrier activation and monitoring.

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Respond Immediately To Any Alarms

By having dedicated night-time security personnel on your premises, you can ensure prompt investigation and appropriate handling of alarm-triggered situations. This relieves your own staff from this responsibility while safeguarding their well-being.

Additionally, reliable night security guards will maintain a full log of all mishaps involving your site’s alarm system and provide you with a comprehensive report.

Professional Security Company | Staten Island & Upper East Side, NY | Alpha Group Services LLC
Alpha Group Services is a licensed Watch Guard Patrol security company. Our services are spread across security guards, home watch, security patrol & more.

Protect From Vandalism And Burglars

A security guard is responsible for protecting properties from various threats, beyond just burglars and vandalism. They must remain alert and utilize all their senses to detect anything unusual, including sights, smells, and sounds. For instance, if a cable is burning, a nightshift guard should immediately respond to prevent the fire from spreading.

Similarly, in the case of a chemical leakage, appropriate actions such as evacuation or calling a clean-up team should be taken. Regularly checking the status of assets, equipment, and entry points is among the nightly duties of many nightshift guards. It is important to monitor guards closely to ensure they consistently fulfill these responsibilities. Proactive measures can greatly reduce the occurrence of costly and hazardous disasters.

Report Regularly

Whenever there is a suspicious incident, it is crucial to immediately notify the security team and supervisors. However, even for minor occurrences, no incident should be left unreported by the security guards. Regular reporting by the security guards is essential to document any abnormalities observed during their shift. This prioritization of reporting is vital to validate the effectiveness and performance of the security guards.

Victim of Theft

The mere presence of security guards can discourage potential thieves. Security guards can conduct patrols and use surveillance cameras to monitor the premises, aiding in the identification of suspicious activity and the prevention of theft. In the presence of a security guard, even habitual thieves among customers and employees will hesitate to steal anything.

Hiring security guards can provide businesses peace of mind and relaxation. By deterring possible criminals, responding promptly and successfully to robberies, and monitoring the area for suspicious activity, security guards play a crucial role in reducing the risk of theft and safeguarding a business’s assets and reputation.

Better Customer Support

By hiring security guards on your business premises, you can enhance the customer experience in several ways. Not only do security guards provide security and comfort, but they also assist customers with their needs, respond to emergencies, and prevent conflicts and unfavorable incidents. In case of an emergency, security guards can promptly respond and aid customers, whether it involves evacuating a building during a fire or providing first aid for an accident. This visible security presence can make customers feel more secure and comfortable, increasing night security when there are fewer customers present. As a result, customers are more likely to visit and spend time at your business, knowing that their safety is a top priority.

Night Security Guards To Protect Your Property Or Business

When And Where Night Security Guards Required?

Having night security is beneficial for any business, but there are certain industries that have a greater need for it. Some of these industries include:

Retail parks – With multiple shops and businesses in one area, it is crucial to secure retail premises overnight. Guards can manage barriers and provide locking and unlocking services.

Warehouses and distribution facilities – These sites often operate throughout the night on tight schedules, making robust night security essential for safe and smooth operations.

Construction sites – Expensive materials and machinery make construction sites attractive targets for thieves. Night security helps protect equipment and the site when it is unoccupied or closed overnight.

Hospitals and medical facilities – Due to their constant activity, hospitals require effective night security. This is important for safeguarding patients and preventing theft of medication or equipment, ensuring the security of healthcare facilities.

This post was written by Alpha Group Services to help you know what to look for when selecting a private security guard company for your property or person/s. Knowing what to look for reduces your risk and increases your safety. We would love to be your safety and security partner if you ever need our experience or the services that we provide.