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How to hire Fire Watch Guard Service

As a business or homeowner, one of the most concerning situations is when your fire alarm system fails to work properly or becomes inoperative, or it is giving false alarms, thus failing to offer adequate protection for you and your property. Various issues, such as offline fire alarms and errors in the sprinkler system, can put your business at risk.

In times of emergencies, it is crucial to have professionals who can promptly respond and handle the situation. When facing these problems, hiring the services of a fire watch security guard is essential.

What is a fire watch guard service?

Fire watch security is a specialty security guard crew that focuses on protecting your property and monitoring any signs of fire on a fire-prone area or property. Depending on the services you pick the expert crew will:

  • Patrol every designated area on a regular schedule.
  • Check the doorways, exits, halls, as well as walkways.
  • Identify, reports, address, and troubleshoot the safety issues.
  • Notify the occupants in case of fire or the risks of fire.
  • Maintain communication with the owner or in person in charge.
  • Keep in touch with the fire department in case of emergencies.
  • Document all the safety measures reports.
  • And more…

Premium Fire Watch Guard Services

A dedicated team of professional fire watch guards are usually available around the clock; ready to respond quickly to any emergency. The best companies ensure that each guard undergoes city approved training, ensuring their familiarity with state and fire department processes, as well as their ability to provide detailed reports. The best service providers prioritize continuous communication with clients and the local fire department to ensure the most effective solution in case of any impairment.

The goal is to safeguard you, your property, and the well-being of your family or employees. We offer reliable and dependable fire protection services for both residential and commercial needs, no matter the scale. If you require fire watch service, go no further. Reach out to us via phone or fill out our short online contact form to receive a free estimate.

Reasons to have Fire Watch Guards

Patrolling and monitoring

The fire watch security guards are well-informed about your property through regular patrols and vigilant guard patrols. They provide 24-hour surveillance, continuously monitoring your commercial or residential site with frequent walkthroughs. They are always attentive and alert to prevent any potential fire risks within your premises.

Careful protection

Fire watch service providers offer comprehensive protection against fire hazards for both your property and employees. With their expertise, they conduct careful inspections of your commercial premises to identify areas at high risk of fire.

Safety Compliance

Fire watch security operatives are highly trained in monitoring and patrolling specific areas or entire buildings to ensure strict safety and security compliance. It is crucial that guards have a deep understanding of the building and its systems, including CCTV, alarms, and sprinklers, to establish a solid foundation of fire safety.

Additionally, fire watch guards are responsible for managing fire safety and ensuring the safety of individuals during fire evacuations.

Best alternative to safe system

Fire watch security guards are highly familiar with every corner of your commercial property, including the safety exits within the building. They have comprehensive knowledge of various fire protection systems and equipment. In the event of a malfunction, these guards ensure the safety of your workers and equipment.

Risk Identification and Solutions

Fire watch security guards are important for certain workplaces as they provide backup fire protection, minimize ignition sources, and oversee the shutdown of unsafe processes when necessary. It is essential for them to maintain constant communication, stay calm, and make swift and accurate decisions in high-pressure situations.

How to Hire Fire Watch Guards?


Highly trained security officers are equipped with the skills to effectively identify potential threats, document and report such deficiencies/impairments, and work closely with local 911 officials. Prioritizing your compliance with neighborhood Fire department/firefighters and striving to deliver exceptional fire watch security services.


Professional fire watch guards are attentive and work as a reliable fire detection ally. They diligently uphold safety measures and ensure that the entire area remains free from immediate hazards. They play a crucial role in prioritizing the well-being of everyone and everything on the job site.


When a non-working fire detection system is noticed, our professional fire watch guards promptly respond. They remain on site until the entire area has been inspected, certified by the Fire department, and the fire detection system is fully operational.

Add Value to Your Business

At Alpha Group, our dedicated fire watch guards fulfill a crucial role in safeguarding people and property from the risks of fire. With their vigilant monitoring and swift emergency response, our fire watch guards are important to residences, business, and other buildings. Count on Alpha Group to provide a comprehensive range of fire protection services.

In addition to actively monitoring potential fire hazards, our fire watch guards are responsible for the installation, inspection, testing, repair, and maintenance of fire alarm systems. They also ensure that all exits are clearly marked with visible signs and remain unobstructed. Furthermore, our fire watch guards ensure that fire extinguishers are easily accessible throughout the facility.

Should any fire extinguishers be missing or inoperable, Alpha Group will replace them with new, effective ones tailored to the specific type of fire you may encounter. Our guards also provide instruction on the right use of fire equipment and exit procedures to residents.

Highly trained Fire watch guards are usually uniformed fire safety officers, that are dedicated to ensuring the protection of your business. They are equipped to promptly respond to alarms, notify the relevant authorities in case of a fire, extinguish fires, and provide top-notch security with armed and unarmed guards.

End words

It is crucial to have fire extinguishers inside your company to ensure safety in case of any unfortunate incidents. Additionally, having a safety guard nearby plays a significant role as they are trained to provide the best service and protect lives and equipment. The company should also take preventive measures, such as separating flammable products to minimize the risk of fire.

We at Alpha Group Services wrote this article primarily for informational purposes and to help people know what to expect from the providers of fire watch guard services. It is our hope to be of some assistance to you in the near future and to earn your trust.